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Company details

  • Project partners

    We’re working with a range of organisations to design, build and maintain the community energy networks. We’ve chosen partners who share our values and understand the importance of doing things differently. We’ve contracted them to undertake the following services on our behalf:

    • Operation and maintenance of the Arnos Grove and Ponders End heat networks
    • Design, build and operation of the Meridian Water heat network
    • Customer services, metering and billing
  • Funding partners

    As a Council-owned company, our funding strategy is designed to bring about positive environmental and social outcomes while covering our cost of capital. We take a long-term view on investment to provide better value energy and better quality to our customers. Our plan is to keep expanding the network and bring benefits to more local residents and businesses.

    Our partners include the European Investment Bank, the Mayor of London, the European Regional Development Fund and the London Energy Efficiency Fund.

  • Company structure

    We were incorporated in 2015 as Lee Valley Heat Network Operating Company Ltd, with energetik as our trading name and Enfield Council as our sole shareholder. We operate at arms’ length from the Council via a two-tier management structure.

    The holding company, Lee Valley Heat Network Company Ltd, represents the interests of Enfield Council and makes sure that strategic decisions reflect the Council’s priorities.

    Day-to-day business operations are managed by the operating company. We’re a team of industry professionals experienced in delivering community energy projects.

  • Project timeline


    Milestones Dates
    Pre-feasibility & feasibility studies 2011 and 2012
    London Borough of Enfield’s Cabinet decision: agreed to establish energy company December 2012
    First Business Plan approved July 2014
    Release of funding to start-up company June 2015
    £12m external funding arranged for operations 2015
    First LVHN Ltd board meeting September 2015
    London Borough of Enfield’s main investment decision January 2017
    Connect first customers to the Arnos Grove heat network October 2017
    Connect Electric Quarter to the Ponders End heat network December 2017
    Connect first customers at Alma Road to the Ponders End heat network April 2019
    Connect first customers at New Avenue to the Oakwood heat network May 2019
    Install underground pipe to connect the Electric Quarter and Alma Road developments as part of the Ponders End heat network 2019/20
    Connect first customers to the Meridian Water heat network Dependent on developer programme